Rheumatology Remedy

About this Project

As a student in the health care profession, pharmacology can be a difficult subject to retain and integrate with the related pathophysiology and clinical presentations. As such, it is easy to fall prey to rote memorization of drug characteristics when preparing for written examinations. Rheumatology Remedy Stand hopes to bridge the gap between some of this required memorization and help students apply pharmacologic content to high-yield clinical scenarios in Rheumatology.


Select your professional discipline and step up to your Rheumatology Remedy Stand, where you’ll manage your patients’ acute and chronic rheumatologic complaints and get paid for your efforts. Be sure to spend time reviewing each shifts “billing summary” to see your earnings from the day and to review the high yield key points that you covered in that shift. 

This game works best if played on a tablet or computer. Please switch to another device to play!